Monday, July 24, 2006

Up in the North

On a spur of a moment decision, we headed north this afternoon. I am posting this from my brother-in-law's house in the Golan Heights. As you know, my husband is stationed in the North, and with no leaves on the horizon, we just miss him too much (and him us). He called this afternoon and said he is around the Golan Heights for the day and we decided to get together. I packed the kids, and another BIL (thank God, four of them around) and we drove up north. I guess some people might think it's a bit irresponsible. I know my mom would (she doesn't know we're here - I'll tell her tomorrow when we get back). But, I figured the odds of being hit by a missile were slim (the Golan Heights is relatively quiet) and it's good for the kids to see their dad.

You can easily tell when you drive up the Galille when you enter the missile range. Fewer vehicles on the road. Many of them military vehicles carrying supplies and ammunition. Once you reach the area of Sefad and north of it, the sky turns a darker shade with smoke. Kiryat Shmona is surrounded by quite a few fires in the fields and we could see the airplanes flying over to put them out.

We only got to spend half an hour with my husband. He waited for us in the gates of the base where he is stationed this evening. The kids were all over him (ok ok, so was I). We just sat outside, on the dry earth, listening to the constant artillery blasts in the background, talking and hugging. It was well worth it to me. With any luck, I get to see him again tonight, later in the night when he's done with his duties. His plan is to come over here to where we stay and spend the night (or what's left of it) with us. He will leave at dawn, so I doubt the kids will see much of him.

It was funny, coming here, driving along familiar roads (we often drive up here on holidays) and noting all the towns and settlements along the way where rockets hit over the past few weeks. The route takes us through Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Sefad, Nazareth and more... Tomorrow I will be heading back home. Depending on some issues here, I may be driving home alone with the kids. I'll be more than happy to be back safe at home, I can tell you as much.

See you all there!


le lezard said...

I'm a lebanese blogger, and regardless of my political opinions, I truly whish that you and your family can return safely home. Civilians shouldn't be a target in any war, but they're saddly the easiest target.
I ask your forgivness for the Israeli civilians that died, and I hope your army will try not to kill anymore of my people.
may peace come one day.

steve said...

The kids were all over him (ok ok, so was I).

OK, we expect details, lol. Good for you, dear. I wager your hubby feels the need for you as bad or worse, dealing with the war stuff day in and day out.

IsrealiMom said...

Thank you for your nice comment le lezard. I join you in your hopes and prayers. Israelis have no wish for any civilians to be hurt, or for any Lebanese people, even soldiers, to be hurt. We just want peace for our people, same as you :)

Ryan said...

I joined thousands in Chicago this past weekend to protest Israel's invasion of Lebanon. We marched in front of the offices of the Chicago Tribune and the Israeli Consulate. There are photos on my blog. It was inspring to see so many Americans denouncing the occupation of Iraq and what Israel is doing in Lebanon and Palestine. In 1982, Israel murdered about 14,000 Lebanese civilians. How many are you going to murder this year?

Anonymous said...

LOL, no one is ever nuetral in matters concerning Israel, are they? Looks like Ryan got an education last weekend from the anti-Israel side, right?

IsrealiMom said...

Actually, word here is that we're going straight for Chicago this time. Hope you don't mind. After all, I'm sure it was explained to you this is also part of the general Zionist (there's the magic word) plan to take over the world?

IsrealiMom said...

ok, having vented - here's a more serious answer for Ryan and others like him who are pushing for a quick ceasefire right now (I posted some of it on Ryan's blog as well) -

Ryan, don't buy into anything you hear in these rallies please. Keep an open mind and look into things, don't just go on quoting propaganda, from either side.

I consider myself a left-winger (don't tell anyone, I voted for the Israeli-Arab communist party once). I hate war, always have and always will. But I see who my enemy is on this particular war - not Lebanon, but a certain fundamentalist, ultra religious and well armed faction, operated by Iran. The Hezbulla by themselves, as well as what they represent, is one danger that, IMO, justifies war, with all the immense price paid (in human lives and property). Stop the war at this stage, and they have won. If the win, Jad's Middle East, my Middle East, and, believe it or not the Western World in general will suffer many many more dead children down the road.

You asked how many more civilians Israeli is going to murder? First, let's rephrase the question - how many more innocent people are going to get murdered due to the Hezbulla's actions? My sad estimate is hundreds of civilians and another couple of thousands of "soldiers". Just a figure, I don't have any resources to go by, just an optimistic hunch (yes, it could be much much worse), based on the size of the territory that needs to be taken over to finally take out the Hezbulla cancer our of Lebanon.

I hope to see you and your friends doing another rally, this time holding signs denouncing Hezbulla for building its military infrastructure among civilians and using children as a human shield.