Monday, July 17, 2006

Sounds of War and a question

I just went to get myself a cup of coffee (decaf, I am on my way to bed soon). At first, I wasn't even sure, sounded too surreal, so I opened the door and went out to the porch, and sure enough, we can hear the sirens in towns to the north from here.

Add to that the fact that choppers and jets are doing shifts circulating over hour house, and I feel like I'm in some war movie lol Granted, no nearby explosions (though I did hear one in the distance today), but still a weird soundtrack.

Anyway, I mentioned in an earlier post that I have a question, so here goes.

Israel is getting a lot of criticism over shooting at civilians. Now, the reason we often shoot at civilians and civilian targets is because Hezbulla is using civilians as a human shield, launching rockets from villages. Hammas is doing the exact same thing in Gaza.

Now, to my question. What if Israel had some new automatic weapon system that would shoot back automatically at any rocket launcher. I mean 100% automatically, some sort of system that sits on our side of the border, notes when rockets are being launched, tracks the location of where it's been launched from and then fires. Hitting within, say, a 100 or 200 yards perimeter with some good fire power. Response time is immediate (or almost so).

Now, say we let everyone know that the system is in place, it's even been working a few times. So, if Hammas, or Hezbulla, launches a rocket, they know for a fact that the place from which they launched will be destroyed, within a 200 yards perimeter.

Now, what would you say, if they were still to continue launching from within civilian population? Would that still be Israel's fault when the system would automatically retaliate? or would it be considered their fault for having launched from within a populate village?


steve said...

Strictly speaking, I would say yes. You speak of deterrence, and obviously, rightfully so. You can use it, but bear in mind its own element of inaccuracy and prepare to catch flak if it misses where they were. I have never heard of resistance in the manner that the Hezbollah operates.....using innocents as human shields. It is beneath contempt. This is the worst tactic in war, absolutely unspeakable, I have ever encountered.

IsrealiMom said...

Well, say we announce a certain perimeter of inaccuracy, let's say 200 yards. Would it be too much to expect them to remove themselves from civilian population to the distance of 200 yards before shooting?

steve said...

LOL, how likely is that? What publicity value would saving innocent lives have for Hezbollah? They would much prefer outrage which affected others, in my opinion. After all, dying limits their ability to be fighters in the name of religion, doesn't it?

Gloria said...

This is the same kind of situation that the Americans are coming up against in Iraq.

The "enemy" makes the decision to kill civilians by using them as human shields.

We need to use everything we can NOT to kill the innocent, but in the end, it's the enemy's responsibility for using the civilians as shields.

Israel is the one attacked, she must use all means to survive.

But, as far as the automatic response question that you pose, if these people are willing to blow themselves up with bombs in order to kill, they'd be willing to be killed by this means, too. So, maybe it wouldn't be such a deterrent?

Gloria said...
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IsrealiMom said...

Good point Gloria. The retalliation is not meant to kill the operators of the launchers, well not necessarily. They are usually not there at the time of the launch anyway. They launch with timers or some sort of remote controls most of the time.

This is more about the damage to civilians that live around the launching area, their lives and property.

Gloria said...

I see, thanks for clearing that up, Anne. - I thought the rockets were on a mobile unit. and they would be "hit" as they were trying to move the unit after it was "fired".

They want civilian's killed. I believe they are counting on the world opinion to be so outraged that it demands Israel stop defending herself.

I think that the killing of innocent civilians is part of their strategy to defeat Israel.

Joseph from Malta said...

I think Gloria hit the nail on the head:

hezbollah KNOWS that Israel has to defend itself. They are counting on the Israeli defensive actions, they WANT civilians to be in the line of fire.

hezbollah isn't really interested in the freedom of Arab Palestinians or anybody, it's only a power-hungry organization that seeks to maintain tyrranny & control by creating the perception of a "common enemy" for all arabs: Israel.
The real enemy for freedom in the Arab world are fundamentalist groups like Hezbollah & hamaas, fundamentalist & despotic states like Iran, & power-hungry Syria.