Saturday, July 29, 2006

Today's Developments - No Ceasefire on the horizon

Israel has rejected an UN call for a 72 hours long ceasefire, to be used for humanitarian purposes. I have to say, I object to that decision. It's been one thing that's been on my mind for over a week now. I thought that Israeli should even initiate such a ceasefire, lasting 2-3 days, during which all civilians should evacuate the South of Lebanon, with the help of humanitarian organizations. I figured, it this is done, then we can really use full fire power on the areas controlled by Hizbulla, as no civilians would still be there.

I can understand the official Israeli position. They say that we are now providing refugees with humanitarian corridors, through which they can safely leave the area. The idea is that a general ceasefire would allow the Hezbulla to re-organize and have more trucks full of ammunition and military supplies come over from across the Syrian border. With humanitarian corridors, you get a greater measurement of supervising who's moving along the corridors, hopefully with some UN monitoring as well.

I still think the full ceasefire was a better idea. For one thing, I think it will make evacuation easier on people, and encourage them to leave the area. For another, seems to me, once you give them 3 days to evacuate civilians, especially if it's the official responsibility of the UN, then you leave the area open for a real military engagement, something that would allow our forces greater freedom of operation. I have to say though, I'm in a minority here, at least from the comments I read in Israeli news sites. Looks like most people here view the UN's offer as yet another stunt to allow Hezbulla to get more and more rockets.

On a different note, Nasralla gave another speech today. Looks like the guy really likes us lol. I have to say though, his judgement of the Israeli spirit can't be more wrong. Morale here is actually getting higher, in the military and out of it. People realize that this is a long term war, but that as with any war, we can't lose, it simply isn't an option. Lebanese people describe how this war is bringing them together as a people. The same thing is happening here... people get together and get stronger. The general feeling in the public is that the IDF isn't using its force to the full... and people are calling out for more use of force, to bring the Hezbulla fighters out of their holes, tunnels and bunkers.


Jad Aoun said...

I'm also disappointed that a 72-hour ceasefire was not accepted. Although 'humanitarian corridors' exist, they stop at Beirut. Getting supplies out of Beirut is a logistical nightmare with a number of roads and bridges destroyed. Seventy-two hours of quiet would have given NGO's enough time to get supplies into south Lebanon and people out.

catarina said...

Unfortuantely, Israel is not fighting with real people, these are true monsters and would sell their mother's soul to take the opportunity of 72 hours of peace only to regroup and resupply themselves with munitions. Where there's a will, there's a way and they've displayed their true colors over and over again that they want to destroy Israel.

My heart goes out to all the innocent civilians of both countries.

You said I'm in a minority here, at least from the comments I read in Israeli news sites. Looks like most people here view the UN's offer as yet another stunt to allow Hezbulla to get more and more rockets.

Since Israel's full withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, UNIFIL has made no effort to thwart attacks against Israelis by Hezbollah terrorists. On October 7, 2000 three IDF soldiers were abducted by Hesbollah near a UNIFIL position, an event that was witnessed by UNIFIL personnel who may have even been involved. They were abducted while patroling the southern (Israeli) side of the Israeli-Lebanese border. UNIFIL's impartiality has been called into question since allegations have surfaced concerning the possible bribery of UNIFIL personnel facilitating the kidnapping and by the refusal of UN personnel to cooperate in the Israeli investigation of the kidnapping.

Several videotapes and numerous photographs were made at the time of the kidnapping event, and afterward when the vehicles used by Hezbollah were discovered abandoned. Israel demanded access to the tapes and photos but UNIFIL, and UN Headquarters in New York, denied their existence for over a year until forced to admit at least some of the materials were in UN possession. Only heavily edited versions were eventually turned over to Israel, indicating a cover-up was still operating in the matter, probably to protect UNIFIL personnel who were involved or who were negligent in their duties. An Indian member of UNIFIL gave an interview to an Israeli newspaper in which he said that four Indian members of UNIFIL helped Hezbollah carry out the abduction.

Israel continues to demand unedited tapes from the UN. Hezbollah issued a statement that they will treat the UN personnel as spies if the tape is turned over to Israel. The fate of the abducted soldiers (and others kidnapped by Hezbollah) remains unknown.

Never forget that actions speak louder than words and their lack of action speaks volumes Anne and now that I have had time to think about it, I have to admit that I think the UN is taking sides with Hezbollah. Perhaps IDF Intelligence new this. Was the bombing an accident? I'm not sure, but with this UN bunch, I wouldn't put anything passed them.

Nasrallah is not only a cow-ard, but also reminds me of Baghdad Bob.

steve said...

"Nasrallah is not only a cow-ard, but also reminds me of Baghdad Bob."

Nazzy has more power, of this I am certain. Interesting comments, Catarina, thank you. The UN role in those kidnappings is somewhat telling, if true. And ugly.
Once again, Hezbollah shows their true colors when they finally get that stage they were so eager for. Now in the limelight, they continue to act cowardly, posting launchers in civilian areas as if the deaths of the helpless civilians were some currency of moral exchange.
I also wish there were some ceaefire available. I am tiring of this war, officially.

catarina said...

Steve ~

Yes, you're right about Nasrallah, he is the captain of the A-Team Terrorist Force.

At this time, I am in deep thought about the future of Israel and neighboring countries.

How easy it is for some to forget the history of terror this organization has behind them and the future that we may incur if the proper measures aren't taken to wipe them out.

As you must know by now the devastating news about the bombing of Quan.

Lebanon & Hezbollah are dominating the media and it appears that the support for Hezbollah has grown immensely.

I'm so sorry to hear about this cease fire. So sorry for Israel that she has so much political pressure.

What kind of allies are we to allow this to happen?

Has anyone even thought that perhaps Hezbollah has been setting these civilians up all along? Let's face it, why not? Of course they could get away with it. The people have their trust. The Lebanese people are innocent and no nothing but what their own country's propaganda has shown them. Has Hezbollah built schools, hospitals etc within Lebanon? Of course they have. They won them over, only to use them as human shields and now blame Israel for their death.

How pathetic of them and the so called "international community" to believe them.