Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sirens went off in the most Southern point in Israel

And that just happens to me the town next to me, about two miles to the north of my town. So far no hits reported, but still a bit scary. I have my younger son here at home with me, the other one at kindergarten. My mom just called to let me know about the whole thing, asking if maybe I should go get my kid back home. I called hubby, he said, no way lol. He said the sirens probably went off by mistake, not that he knows for sure, he's just guessing.

Jean commented on a post here that the rockets are a psychological weapon and that is very true, of course. It's why they're terror acts, by definition carried out to terrorize civilians. I think in a sense, Nassaralla is losing the edge there. Yesterday, a senior Israeli officer noted in a press conference, that Nassaralla is pretty much using up his cards. What other threats can he carry out next? fire thousands of rockets at us? he already did that, and we've seen what it's worth. It's not pleasant, by far. It's something we can't live with. But it's not going to break out spirits or make us quit. Quite the opposite.

I was driving my kid to kindergarten this morning and one thing I noticed was the flags and stickers. Israelis are terrible when it comes to bumper stickers lol, they just love communicating with those. Lots of cars have a blue and white sticker today that simply says "we shall win". Lots of houses just have the blue and while flag waving. It's been a while since the Israeli public felt so united. We haven't had a "no choice" kind of war since 1973... something nice and cozy about it in that respect. People aren't feeling guilty over the casualties in Lebanon either. That is not to say they are no sorry for them - they are. They just feel it's entirely the Hezbulla's fault.


Jad Aoun said...

"Jean commented on a post here that the rockets are a psychological weapon and that is very true, of course. It's why they're terror acts, by definition carried out to terrorize civilians."

That is the same opinion among Lebanese concerning Israel's almost daily air incursions into Lebanon flying at low altitudes at super-sonic speeds, creating a sonic boom that would cause windows to shatter. And I'm not talking about the current conflict. This was a daily occurance during the "peace periods". Actually, I once had a close encounter with an Israeli F16 fighter jet flying about 75 meters above my head!

Jean said...

agreed with jad, I never lived in beirut, but always used to hear that the israeli war planes entered the lebanese air space unprovokably.

amos said...

Jad , my brother,
We Israelies live here surrounded by 200 milions Arabs that attacked us to extraminate us doznes of times {dates & details can be supplyed}
We alwais tried to compromise.We eccepted British partition plan in 1938 that gave us 20 % of the country.
In 48 we were on the verge of extingtion. WE lost 6000 persons {out of 600000}.
Even now we are ready to compromice with the Palastiniens a just peace on one condition - a peace that eill ansure our existance here.

catarina said...

Anne ~

I am so glad that I found your blog. It's great that you have created this opportunity for everyone to and share their thoughts and emotions with you and amongst each other.

As I was reading your post today, I felt a little sadness, but yet humor when I read about the bumper stickers. Gotta admit, that was funny ;)

I feel sad for all of the Lebanese people, but more so because their own government could've put a stop to this long ago.

The small word "if" plays in this once again. "If" the Lebanon government confronted Hezbollah initially, than none of this would be happening. Only "if" they weren't so intimidated by Hezbollah, this could have been avoided. "If" they would've asked for help, I'm certain someone would've aided them. Too many "ifs" come to my mind.

Now, I see that the US is rushing more accurate missiles to aid Israel and I thank God because perhaps in some way they can avoid more civilian casualties, but I truly don't know. Isn't it sad that one has to choose one country over another? There are many good people in Lebanon, but isn't it sad that their own government didn't protect them? The way I see it, the government didn't have enough courage or insight; or did it? It's very hurtful to read if you're Lebanese, I'm sure, but the government knew what Hezbollah is all about. Was it for money? What was a beautiful city that gleamed with song and dance is now in ruins. Mow their innocent people are homeless or dead because of their greed. Let's face it, they may not have known this was going to happen, but nothing good can come when part of your country has a state within a state that is evil.

From what has been reported on the news, Israel gave the Lebanese people ample time to leave. I'm sure it's not an easy exit after your country's in shambles from bombs. I'm positive it must be incredibly scary to leave some type of safety within a shelter, only to leave in terror wondering if you'll make it from point A to point B. Some have waited till the last minute, but Israel's being attacked, so she must retaliate with fever.

I see that yesterday was a big day for Israel; noting that one of the main rats of Hezbollah was killed, TV and cell phone towers destroyed etc., but the war continues, the tails of the rat are only being cut off one by one.

My question is so difficult to answer because I can not see an end here Anne. I can see that Israel's not fighting a conventional war. Hezbollah are cowards as they hide within tenement buildings along with innocent people or they fire from mosques. These are terrorists. How can you cut off the tail of the serpent and expect it to die? It will only grow back. Iran and Syria is the head of this enormous rat. They should be the ones that are taken out, they are evil. I feel that although I hate the thought of war, it is the only way to extinguish many of these people behind this horror. I see that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has openly stated that he wants Israel wiped off the face of the earth.

I've been reading an enormous amount, but I came upon this particular page that I would like to share with people that may visit and perhaps they can understand my hatred for Iran.
"We shall soon witness the elimination of the Zionist stain of shame"

There is an excerpt from that article that I will type bold here:
Why has Tehran decided to play its Lebanese card now? Part of the answer lies in Washington’s decision last May to reverse its policy towards Iran by offering large concessions on its nuclear programme. Tehran interpreted that as a sign of weakness. Ahmadinejad believes that his strategy to drive the “infidel” out of the Islamic heartland cannot succeed unless Arabs accept Iran’s leadership.

There is so much talk about a disproportionate amount of power that Israel's using on Hezbollah; what a joke. The community of Muslim extremists outnumber the entire Israeli nation. These extremists do NOT only reside in the Middle East! So, how can we exterminate them? That is my big question. Only in good time, but in the meanwhile, there's too many that will suffer the consequences of their actions.

Israel's tired. Tired of being harassed; making her own people move like nomads, so she can only hope for peace. More bombs lobed at her, more suicide bombings and innocent children killed. This is what I see.

It is insane to continue to try to institute peace when all your efforts have failed.

Now, two of her children have been taken and all of her patience has gone. They have awoken a very angry cat that is on the hunt for the rat.

Why does the UN and many other countries feel that she needs to cease and desist? I have no idea. If it were the US, you could bet your last dollar that we would not let this happen, but we are very much like Israel. We have a lot of heart and it's this heart that keeps on giving it's all until it's last beat.

If Israel's heart gives way, there will be no Middle East, because I know in my own heart that she will not leave this earth in the hands of evil; Iran and Syria. I pray that the last resort will never come Anne.

This is a very difficult war Israel is faced with and I pray that she doesn't fight it alone.
As I see it, the international community should join in and see the diseased rat for what it is and wipe it out before it spreads.

IsrealiMom said...

Yeah, the supersonic booms are a well known tactic. The IAF does the same over Syria too sometimes. Our way of saying hello lol. I guess it's just to send out a message to the governments, reminding them of our abilities.

Don Cox said...

In general I support Israel, but I don't think you can deny that the supersonic bangs are intended to scare people. They are a mild terror weapon compared to rockets packed with ball bearings, but they are a terror weapon.

IsrealiMom said...

Catarina, I just went through your post. Thank you so much for coming over and posting that, it made for an interesting read. I agree that the problem begins with Iran. Not sure about Syria, seems to me Syria is more of a pawn in the game then anything else.

Thanks again, and please, if you can post about my blog on TCA - would love to see more people visiting here :)

catarina said...

I left a link for everyone at TCA to come here Anne ~

You can count on that. I will also send your link out to your blog in the TCA Community Bulletin today.

God be with you and yours.


Deb M said...

Anne - I have never posted on a blog so am not sure I will do this correctly ~ so forgive any errors.
I have read through your writings and inner thoughts. I about cried when I read how you are mentally marking sports where you and the children could take shelter if necessary along your walks... I worry for you and all the innocent people on both sides of this conflict. The world is so torn by war and strife ~ and it continues to get worse every day. My son, Roger, is currently stationed in Iraq, and I fear that while that mess continues, the whole Middle-East region is exploding in continued anger and violence. One of my friends and I were dicsussing it at work the other day and I foolishly said *what is there to fight about so much?*
Just know that I am praying for you and your family and all the others who need comfort and care at this time

IsrealiMom said...

You know, Deb, that wasn't such a foolish question after all. I sometimes wonder the same myself. I am going to blog about it some more later tonight, after I finally tuck in the little ones.
Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment :) I hope Roger stays safe in Iraq and will soon be back home.

And thanks Catarina for getting the word out!

steve said...

Amos said: "Jad , my brother,
We Israelies live here surrounded by 200 milions Arabs that attacked us to extraminate us doznes of times"

It does make one pause when one realizes the innermost fears of any conscious Israeli. The stated aim of so many of the radical Ismalists is the utter and irrevocable annihilation of Israel. We are not talking a property line dispute here. We are speaking eradication. I have spoken with Israeli's who mention this. It is similar to those fears I had as a kid, in the early '60's, when the US and Russia were, very literally, on the brink of nuclear war. We practiced ducking and covering, lol, in our desks at school, as if that would help. But opne's dreams at night were full of mushroom clouds and utter nihilism. The question was always "How have we come to this?"
When one's very existence is not only threatened but considered a "holy task", one needs to develop a pretty firm defensive posture. Israel well knows their perception among her neighbors. Face it, there has never been a war worth a crap and this one is no different. In this one, greed plays a surprising second fiddle to religious nuttiness. Just dysfunctional people with little imagination who cannot see their way into a cooperative world. Meanwhile, babies and old people die. Someone needs their mind washed out with soap.

Jad Aoun said...

I can somewhat understand the feelings of extermination. Lebanese have a neighbor to the north and east that considers Lebanon as a renegade province instead of a sovereign state. And we have a neighbor to the south that has stockpiles of state-of-the-art weaponry and nuclear warheads that can wipe us off the map with a flip of the switch.

Israelis have peace of mind that their military is capable of defending them plus the unconditional backing of the world's only superpower. Lebanese don't.