Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just saying Good Night

It's past midnight here, and I am on my way to bed. Just checking in one last time, to report tonight's events. Still more rockets landing all over the north. One person was killed, a 37 years old father who ran to the shelter with his family. They made it to the shelter before he did. His wife was standing there at the opening of the shelter and watched as he was hit by a rocket and killed on the spot. I just hope his kids where well inside the shelter and were spared the sight :(

You can keep track of the Israeli side of the civilian casualties on Israeli news sites. Haven't seen too much about it in foreign ones. These are pretty accurate, although naturally, they stress the Israeli side of things and the Lebanese casualities are delegated to the bottom of the page. With that said, if you want to keep track of things check out the following sites -

Hoping for a peaceful night here. I have plenty to blog about, but it'll have to wait for tomorrow.


esp1339 said...

Hope that you have a peaceful night. Love to your children and prays to you and your husband. Its good that you have your in-laws so close.(Hope you get on with them)

catarina said...

Dear Anne ~ It's great to read about you and your beautiful family.

I've been thinking of you and I left a message at TCS.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and I pray that Israel will come out of this war very soon. There are many of us here in the US that support Israel and justifiably so.

Best Wishes to you ~