Monday, January 14, 2008

Freezing Over Here

Sorry, can't think of a better title for today, or for this entire week. My memory was never very good, I admit, but I find it hard to recall a much colder week. I believe it's some sort of a freak weather front from Russia? that's what I heard anyway. Just very very cold air hitting the country. No rain, clear sunny sky, just cold. Our lawn was covered in frost several times already this week, and it's making it turn yellow :(

Here's a picture of our frost covered lawn. Keep in mind we're talking dry days and nights, so it's not a lot of frost but it's cold frost.

Anyway, cold as it is, we do get out and about and I have a couple of movies to share today. Edited by IsraeliDad (quickly edited, I might add, with no proofreading done on the subtitles...), the first one is a bit embarrassing...

If you're done laughing at my bovine adventures, here's a nice short clip of our visit to the edge of Israel. The Western North tip, on the border between Israel, Lebanon and the Mediterranean -