Thursday, July 20, 2006

Looks like this is going to take even longer...

Today is the eighth day of fighting. Fighting that started so unexpectedly to us, by the Hezbollah raining rockets and mortar shells on Israeli towns along the border last Wednesday.

I didn't have much computer time so far today. My husband is here this morning, a rare occurrence for this week. He will be leaving again this afternoon, this time probably for longer.

I am going to spend the next few hours with him and the kids. From then on I'll be a single mom for who knows how long... I will update this blog with more news and my own thoughts later tonight.


Sdogi said...

Readed everything you have written this far. I must say it is terrible situation, at least you have shelters, but lebanese don't. I find it hard to belive that a countries goverment can fail so miserably.

I hope that the Shiites in the goverment understand that it is all their fault that people die, but I guess religion is more important than people dying for some parts of the world.

I'm very concerned about whats going on there and I hope it gets over soon. Keep up with the blog Israelimom. A friend is wishing you all good from very far away :)

IsraeliTeen said...

I wonder, is your husband busy with the army? if so best of luck to him.
and to you and your family I wish this times will pass as quick as possible, and as quiet.

sub Rosa said...
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IsrealiMom said...

Yes, he's on duty right now, and thank you :)