Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Widening Military Operations,7340,L-3288819,00.html
Looks like military operation on the ground is going to get more intensive. According to the government's decision Israel has five goals -

Israel is working towards five chief goals, which were noted in the cabinet decision:

The return of the kidnapped soldiers with no preconditions;

an immediate halt to all Hizbullah terror activity against Israel and Israeli targets, including ceasing rocket and missile attacks on Israel;

the full implementation of Security Council resolution 1559;

the deployment of an effective international force along the Lebanon-Israeli border for the length of the Blue Line;

and the prevention of Hizbullah rearmament and its regaining operational capabilities, mainly by preventing weapons transfer to Lebanon from Syrian and Iran.

At this point, I just wonder what does it all mean and how long this is going to take. I want my life back, and I'm sure there are numerous families, on both sides of the border who feel the same (and yes, most of them have it far worse than I do). My younger son has been waking up for the past two days crying, calling out for his daddy. I hug him and kiss him, but he keeps crying for daddy. Sigh. I hope this thing ends soon. I seriously have anything more clever than that to say about this war today.

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Maddy said...

I hope for the safety of all people on each side of the border that the people making the decisions cane come to a peaceful resolution .... quickly.

I am so sorry that your children are scared and worried for their Dad, I hope he returns home safely soon.