Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Ceasefire seems closer than ever

I was happy a few minutes ago, as I've been told that Nassaralla has basically accepted the UN's terms for the ceasefire. Very surprised, I think, but pleasantly so (if that word can be used in the same sentence with this guy...). Then I read the full quote from his speech -
Hizbullah leader, Hasan Nasrallah, said in a speech broadcast on Hizbullah's television network al-Manar that "if a date for halting all hostile operations is agreed upon, Hizbullah will uphold this decision."

Well... not sure if he really does accept all of the terms. But at least we may have a ceasefire during which things might be negotiated further. The Hebrew version of that piece of news did say that Nassaralla has accepted the UN resolution. It just seems a bit odd to me. Too much like wishful thinking.

Israel, on its part, supports and accepts the UN resolution and I guess a truce will come into effect as soon as Nassaralla will say the same. The official Lebanon also supports the UN resolution.

For now, though, the fighting continutes. The IDF seems to be making huge progress within Lebanon with some impressive operations being carried out yesterday and today. Some are already revealed, others were only hinted at. I guess the IDF will try and make the most from everyday now, before the ceasefire is declared, making life even harder for the Hezbulla and making sure that when the UN soldiers arrive, they will have an easier time.


Maddy said...

I am sure that when UN forces are the buffer between Hezbullah and the Israeli border it will become clear that Israel is not the aggressor.

If Hezbullah hurt any UN soldiers or continue to fire into Israel the UN will be an independent witness to this aggression, and hopefully the world media will report this honestly.

I pray that this is the solution and that peace will follow. Unfortunately I don’t think Hezbullah are going away any time soon, but I think they will have to stop the attacks on Israel.

Jad Aoun said...

Hezbollah has 'agreed' to the UN resolution although Nasrallah stated that his party has reservations on a number of issues in UNSCR. Those will be brought to the light today when the Lebanese cabinet meets to discuss, point-by-point, how to implement 1701. This is where the real showdown will occur.
Best case scenario: Hezbollah's objections are weak.
Worst cast scenario: Hezbollah launches a military cout against the government.
That's my personal opinion.

Ibrahamav said...

While the UN language is constructive, anything less then removing Hezbullah is a loss for civilization.

The cease fire will merely allow Hesbullah to rearm.