Monday, August 14, 2006

Ceasefire Holding On So Far

Like most people here, I check on the news as often as I can this morning. Is it really over? Is the ceasefire still in place? IDF officials have said the the ceasefire is "fragile", and we all hope we won't hear the sound of shattering glass today...

So far, so good. There has been an incident earlier this morning, but looks like it's been contained. Just an isolated incident where, according to Israeli sources, a Hezbulla gunman shot at an IDF force.

Keeping our fingers crossed here. The kids are anxious to see their daddy back home. They've been told that the war ended today. "So, Mom, did we beat the enemy?", my 4 years old son asked. Good question. I told him that the enemy and us decided to stop shooting at each other, so that the dads can get back home. Told him everyone was tired of the war. He was happy enough with this answer. Now, they want to know why daddy isn't home already. I told them the army is waiting to make sure that everyone plays by the rules and that the enemy really did stop fighting.

lol, not trying to offer any of the above as sophisticated commentary here. This is what I explained to a 4.5 year old kid, that's all ;)

On another note, I am looking for interesting blogs from the Middle East. I want to focus on the ones that promote peace and sanity in this region, not war mongerers. I want to start a blog reviewing other blogs and recommending the ones that I like. If you know of any, they can be your own, please either comment here or email me - Cheers.


Ryan said...

Hi Annette,
Do you think Olmert should resign?

sheernejad said...

I'll try to email you separately, but I am having difficulty accessing my email account. Here are my blogs:

Iranians for Human Rights and Democracy

Iranians for Truth and Reconciliation

IsrealiMom said...

Thanks Sheernejad, going there now :)

sheernejad said...

thanks for the comment! I enjoy learning about people from all over the world, and its nice to know decent people are everywhere. I am happy blogs allow us to see that. :)

IsrealiMom said...

Thank you for joining! Looking forward to reading your posts there!