Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hezbulla manipulating the IDF into attacking non-Shiite villages

Bliss Street Journal - The Blog: The Siege of Mari

I have read this in several blogs by now. Very disturbing.... Looks like the Hezbulla is fighting local people in Druze and Christian villages in South Lebanon so they can position their launchers there. The people try to fight back, but the Hezbulla terrorizes them out of the village, or just into submission. Looks like this is a tactic by now. I guess they prefer to use non-Muslim Lebanese as their human shields.

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Jean said...

As sickening as one can find this, I still think it was (very much) predictable.
I think if we let certain people speak, they would say pretty "interesting" stuff, not only about this war, but about the post liberation in 2000, just after the israelis withdrew from the south...

Maybe one day the world will have the chance to listen to their stories.