Saturday, August 05, 2006

Maybe? perhaps? A chance at a possible light in the end of the tunnel?

US, France reach deal on Israel-Hizbullah resolution

The United States and France agreed Saturday on a draft UN Security Council resolution that calls for an end to the fighting between Israel and the Lebanese terror group Hizbullah , but would allow Israel to defend itself if attacked, officials said.

Of course, there is the tiny issue of the Hezbulla actually agreeing ;) Many people here had the gut reaction of "France again?!?", figuring that if France is involved this has to be a bad resolution for Israel. I actually think it's a great resolution, on paper, I just don't see Hezbulla agreeing to these terms, if indeed they include demilitarizing the zone from the border to the Litani river as the Hebrew version of the article claims. I wonder if someone in the UN is really naive enough to think that it will be that easy to disarm the Hezbulla?

Also, the Hezbulla's response has already arrived, as cryptic as ever -

Hezbollah cabinet minister Mohammed Fneish said the guerrilla group would stop fighting when Israel ended its bombardment of Lebanon and withdrew its troops."Israel is the aggressor. When the Israeli aggression stops, Hezbollah simply will cease fire on the condition that no Israeli soldier remains inside Lebanese land," he said.

Since they were the ones to launch rockets and mortar shells at us out of the blue on July 12, not to mention break into Israeli territory, killing and kidnapping solidiers, I'm not really sure what this response means. My only thought is that he's referring to the Sheba farms? In which case, it's amazing that they would bring this disaster over the Lebanese people for some measly pieace of land that Israel doesn't even claim to own...

Anyway, I am dubious about the new initiative, but I can't help but hoping that this will somehow work and bring this crazy war to an end. Speaking for myself and my family, and the close people around us, I can say that Israelis are prepared for a long and costly war, but it doesn't mean that we want it. My father-in-law put it nicely today. He said Israel is now the spearhead in the fight against radical Islam. It's no fun being the spearhead, as this is the part that gets eroded the most, but looks like we may be left with no choice...


Maddy said...


Thank you for the honest update. We hear none of this in our local news.

Being the spearhead may well bring the world freedom from terrorists, you never know.

Radical Islamic extremists have an effect all over the world. Terrorism in New York, London and Bali have killed Australians too. I didn't realise that Hizbollah were radical Islamics, did I read that right? Hizbollah have not been described that way in our media, but our news is sterilized to make it palatable.

Sharon said...

My first comment when I heard the drafted resolution that the US and France agreed on was, "Hezbollah isn't going to disarm."

I think you're father-in-law may be right.

Maddy, I am from the United States, and though the media does report from both perspectives, I have not heard them call Hezbollah radical Islamics, either.

IsrealiMom said...

Wow, pretty amazing to me to hear that. It's so taken for granted here that Hezbulla is radical Islam at its worst, I just figured everyone knew that. They represent the Iranian type of Shia Islam, radical to the core and all about setting up the law of Islam all over the region (maybe the rest of the world too, if enough Muslims reside in other places).

Maddy said...

I don't know if you know much about Australians, but we are a very laid back society. We don't worry too much about anything and most people would describe us as "easy going".

Late last year beech life-savers were attacked and bashed by a group of Muslims who said they wanted the beech for Muslims only. The following weekend the surfing community were told to stay away from the beech. We are laid back, but this one hit a nerve and thousands of people turned up to take back the beeches for everyone to use.

What resulted was cause for all Australians to be ashamed of themselves and there was a lot of debate. It sent shock waves around our country that we would have people in our country who would want a beech for only Muslims to use.

I have attached an article about the incident. So there you go, it even happens in lazy old Australia, not on the scale that has happened to Israel but horrible just the same.

catarina said...

Oh, great, another ceasefire resolution by the UN to enable Hezbollah to regroup and re-arm. So Israel gets to defend itself if it's attacked? Big of them.

For the life of me, I just don't understand why in the world anyone in Israel would want a cease fire.

Hezbollah's never going to stop until Israel's no longer ~

I'm even shocked at France and US in agreement? France, if you ask me, is standing right along Iran, kissing their butts; they have no backbone and are as disingenuous as Iran and the rest of the terrorist regimes.