Tuesday, August 08, 2006

On the Face :: Putting things in perspective

Remember the picture of the little Israeli girls drawing on artillery shells? Caused an uproar a couple of weeks ago. Check out this wonderful piece - you will learn not only about that picture, but about the power of the pictures and how their meaning can be manipulated so easily.

On the Face :: Putting things in perspective: http://ontheface.blogware.com/blog/_trackback/2142505


janjo said...

Hi there,
I came cross this 2 weeks ago. this shows how things can look different when they are out of context. Yet we are lucky that we have this chance to communicate it.
I also wanted to say sorry for hijacking 5th of aug post and dragging it away from whats happening right now.
Keep safe

IsrealiMom said...

Please, no need to apologize, I thought it was a good discussion and wanted to thank you for the valuable resources - they are no on my list of things to read.

Drop me an email, if you can - israelimom@gmail.com - thanks!

Lesly said...

I can understand why those Israeli kids signed well wishes on a bomb. I just wish demand for context when the media covers the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was as widespread. Because it is not, I'm not that concerned about people misappropriating these pictures. It’s the latest simpleminded conclusion in a long list of simpleminded conclusions.