Wednesday, August 09, 2006

One more thing...

Reading Nasseralla's response to the latest developments. The usual propaganda and all, but one thing bothered me -

In a televised speech, Hassan Nasrallah said Israeli attacks had not weakened its rocket capabilities and called on the Arab residents of Haifa to quit the Israeli city to avoid being hurt by the guerrilla group's barrages.

Why does he only call for the Arab residents to leave? Why does he differentiate between Arab blood and Jewish blood? Goes to show just how much value he puts on human life. Seems like he's perfectly ok with Jewish children being hit by his rockets after all. So much for pretending to be a legitimate "military".


catarina said...

Maybe he feels that anyone that visits Isreal or lives there that isn't a Jew has about as much value as he puts on Jews?

At some point, their capabilities are either going to be found by Israeli soldiers and destroyed or hit by accident (either way's good enough by me) ~

I really think that he's very upset at the UN and probably thinks the US has much to do about this, which honestly, I wouldn't doubt.

The least you can say about this resolution is that it is unjust and oppressive," Nasrallah said.What's so unjust about disarming them?

Sharon said...

Nasrallah has enjoyed a leadership in Southern Lebanon. His organization has helped many Lebanese citizens. He is revered by the many poor citizens that his organization, Hezbollah, has helped. That is what makes him so very evil. He has been a wolf in sheeps clothing to those Lebanese.
He has cared nothing about their safety and welfare. He has used them to enable him to squat on their land with his armed thugs.
He has made their very homes a battle ground and put them in harms way. He has brainwashed them into thinking he is good.
He is one of the most evil and dangerous terrorists.

Israel cared more about the southern Lebanese citizens then Nasrallah does. Israel dropped leaflets, urging them to get out before the bombings began. The fight is not with southern Lebanese citizens, it is with Hezbollah.
Problem is, how many of these citizens have been brainwashed into fighting for Hezbollah or harboring Hezbollah. How many of these "citizens" have, at some point, actually joined Hezbollah?
If a military dropped leaflets in my town, urging me to leave and informing me that my town would be bombed, I'd get out right away. If I didn't have a vehicle, I'd walk. I would get my family out as quickly as possible.
I wonder how many of the "citizens" that lost their life were truly citizens. How many of those mothers and fathers irresponsibly kept their children in harms way for the sake of Hezbollah?

Nasrallah doesn't care for the Lebanese any more then he cares for the Israeli's. He is responsible for each one of their deaths.

neet said...

re: Sharon's comments, I saw on US television an interview with a family that praised Hezbollah, for all they had done for them. Food, clothing, housing, schooling. The littlest girl was about 10, and said she wanted to be Hezbollah when she grew up.

But the reporter did say this was a distorted view of Hezbollah. For all the good deeds they have seemingly done, it was all a ruse to gain the trust of the people they wish to control.

Kinda like welfare here in the States. Government subsidies for the poor have made many people lazy and unwilling to do for themselves, and the politics that support these programs are assured of those votes.

Jad Aoun said...

Thining back, I wasnt really surprised with Nasrallah's comments.
I would have been surprised if he called on all citizens to leave Haifa! That would have been shocking.

Anonymous said...

Well, because he is a beast. I prefere the name "Hezbullshit" for his organization.

Sharon makes the point that his little organization has helped many Lebanese citizens, especially the poor. I won't even concede that point. NO.

Hezbullshit has helped no-one. When you create a police state (within a state), you choke off any hope of free and open open society crucial to economic development. The Hezbullshit system has created much of the poverty it then "alleviates" with its charity programs. See? It's even more incidious than you thought. All it takes is 4 easy steps:

Step 1: choke off economic development and create poverty
step 2: get Iran to send $100 million in aid (which pisses off the Iranians) to "help" the poor you've created. They are now beholden to you!
Step 3: Build ammo dumps right underneath civilian housing
Step 4: Start a war with Israel which will kill all those people you "helped" and get them even MORE on your side.