Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recipe of the Day - A Palestinian State within 3 years

Following my last post... I thought I'd be a good mom and add a recipe! It's real simple and contains only two stages - but it has a cooking time of probably 2-3 years.

Here's a recipe for an independent Palestinian State within 3 years:
1. Halt any violent activity towards Israel - terror attacks, qassam rockets, stone throwing, anything.

2. Arrange mass peaceful demonstrations. Send children to the borders, holding flowers and olive branches. Get the media to cover that. Do that en mass, constantly, repeatedly. Hold rallies with speakers calling out for peace. Smother Israelis with love, and show that to the world.

Within weeks, if not days, you'll have Israel at the negotiations table. You'll have to keep this up for months, even years. The non-violent part needs to remain forever, of course. You'll have your own State, prosperous and peaceful - within a few years.

My Palestinian friends, keep shooting the rockets and you are shooting them at yourself. You will bring only more devastation to your people both in the short term and long term. The Palestinians have one way of "beating" Israel in this game and getting their Palestinian State. You could have have your own Independent State several years ago and they can have it within a short number of years even now. The only road towards that is non-violent struggle.


Anonymous said...

Its a nice solution, and I believe there are enough Palestinians willing to demonstrate, but they are too afraid. Mossad can infiltrate the demonstrations and fire blanks at IDF conscripts to elicit return fire. Palestinian gunmen can kill leader of the peace movement or use the demostration as an opportunity for a confrontation with IDF.
The media won't air demonstrations with any accuracy anyway, if 100,000 people turn up - the media will report 10,000. Too many parties with vested interests with continuing the conflict. The only thing we can count on is moderates reaching out to one another, it will take time, but the advantage is we don't need to rely on outside forces.

IsraeliMom said...

Easy it will not be. More likely to succeed than the violent struggle though, I think.

Ben said...

Did he say: "Mossad will infiltrate the demonstrations to shoot blanks"... Are you sane?
You sound like one of those crazies who believes Mossad orchestrated 9/11 (forget the evidence, that Bin Laden had several attacks to his name by then, forget the martyr videos, the independant's stating they taught the hijackers how to fly, forget that Bin Laden admitted it, that evidence was found, forget that every intelligence agency believes the same... It looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it smells like a duck... BUT IT'S THE JEWS!!? HECK, WHY NOT...)

The Mossad does not infiltrate demonstrations, nobody needs to make the Arabs look violent for they are victims of their own culture. The Arab world is embroiled in a cult of death. Anyone who has an independant satellite and/or has viewed Arab TV knows this is no secret. Hamas TV has a Mickey Mouse Character encouraging 'martyrdom'... The classrooms are covered in martyr posters. The towns COMPETE for martyrs, as do the various organizations. In Nablus the kids were trading SUICIDE BOMBER TRADING CARDS. These are not controversial points and anyone doubting them should simply hop a bus to Bethlehem, Nablus, Jenin, various areas within Egypt, Syria, Jordan... Or tune into Al Manar or any arab TV to get the 'real deal' from our 'peace partners'...

The problem is rather simple. Israelis have said unequivacely, we will create a Palestinian state for you (I say WE WILL CREATE, because a Palestinian State has never existed, there was a British Mandate of palestine but there has never been a nation known as Palestine... The name is actually a derogatory term, meant to erase the Jewish nature of the land of Israel. It was coined by Roman Emperor Hadrian and invokes the name of the Jews ancient enemy, the Phillistines, who were non-Arab, no Sematic, sea-faring people of the Aegean). Israel has offered 97% of West Bank (with concessions and/or land to make up for the 3%), 100% of Gaza (this is in Pal hands today, not just offered!), and control over parts of East Jerusalem. Israel has provided money, even weapons and training to the Palestinians... And with all this the Palestinians STILL ACTIVELY REFUSE TO RESPECTFULLY ACCEPT ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE.

If anyone has any reservations, or curiosities then look no further than this point: Why, over 10 years since Oslo, have the Arab leaders still refused to accept that Israel has been, is, and will continue to be a Jewish state??? If they can not accept this then is there any real reason to continue talks?

I'm a peacenik, from the kibbutznik camp, but even I have been deblinded. Why will they not even accept the PREMISE or IDEA of ISRAEL? Why is it that they demand all lands given to them be 100% JEW FREE (when Israel has 1,000,000 (20-25% of population) working, voting Arabs with full Israeli rights? Why does the indoctrination continue...

To the blogger: flowers and hugs... As somebody from the region I can understand your hopes but really, can you see that happening?

...When donkey's fly...

Ben Ahi HiLLeLi

Carin said...

I LOVE this idea! No cab fare to the front to use weapons, but cab fare to peace. Even empty hand and peaceful words would do the trick. We, American Jews, hate to see this situation devolve to war, but weJcan see no peaceful solution. How can the Hamas leaders continue the policies of the sheiks of WWI vintage -- misinforming, misleading, not educating the nomadic arab populations of the region? It's an analogue to Kim Long Il's treatment of the North Korean population. Completely heart breaking, but how can our children live with bombings, rockets coming in, and the U.N. ignores it? Over and over?

My husband, who grew up in Malaysia, a muslim country, is insistent that we look at what Palestinian society has contributed to the world at large. As Palestinians have contributed so little positively on a per capita basis, but generated so much negativity, over so long a time, Palestinian society must be broken up into families and sent to better places to live so they can be integrated into healthier societies. How tragic, unfathomable, but what can the world's positive societies do to help a negative society grow towards peace? These are harsh broad labels, but the time for nuance is past.

Carin, NYC, USA