Sunday, May 20, 2007

Holiday Preparations

We have way way too many holidays in Israel. Passover was a huge challenge with it's weeks of school holiday (we were fortunate to have to weather just one week, since our kids are still in kindergarten). Then Independence Day (which is almost two days of holiday, being preceded by Memorial Day). And now, within weeks, it's Shavuot...

You can read all about that holiday and its origins here. Today and tomorrow is time to work on the "Tene", a fancy basket for each one of the kids, nicely decorated with whatever, and filled with fruit and vegetable. If only the kids would eat the fruit and vegetables... but I guess keeping up with Jewish traditions is good enough ;)

So, leaving now to go buy some nice baskets, as well as fruit and vegetables to put inside... I'll post some pics when they're ready :)


AM said...

I love your blog, it has such a great personalized insight to the Israeli culture :)

Glad I found you, will drop by from time to time.

Do you wish each other on this day? and what do you say exactly?

IsraeliMom said...

Thank you for your kind comment!
We use the same holiday greeting -
"Hag Sameah" which means "Happy Holiday" :)

We're going to the celebrations in kindergarten in a few hours, I'll be posting some pictures, hopefully later tonight, or tomorrow.