Saturday, May 05, 2007

Back to Work

Gradually getting depoliticized again lol (thanks for the OD, Khaled!)

Been spending the last week trying to scrape out more work time. I have tons of online projects that I'm playing with atm, and they each require time. IsraeliDad plays an online RPG (Role play Game) called World of Warcraft (you may have heard of it, it's more or less the number one online game at the moment). While many wives complain that they have become World of Warcraft widows, I try not to complain too much, as I certainly understand his addiction. "I just have to play some, I have a new character I'm working on", or "Just half an hour more, I'm about to make it to the next level", are common quotes from him these days. In a sense my work is the same. I am addicted to creating websites for revenue, and all I need is just half an hour more to create another blog, or an hour to learn a new skill, and trying real hard to make it to the next level in daily revenue, or maybe even open up a new revenue channel. So many challenges, so little time!

At least I'm lucky in having ID take care of the boring aspects of managing the business. He's the one in charge of book keeping and other such tedious red tape tasks. He did try the web publishing roles too, but he just doesn't have the bug, I guess.

One of my latest tasks in my game is building a chain of hub pages over at I only did a few, but one of them might be of interest to anyone reading this and thinking, "hmmmm maybe I could do this too?" You don't need to have any web publishing skills, no need to buy domains or web hosting. All you need is to get your own hub pages, promote them and make some money. It won't make you rich, but if you like this kind of game, you could develop it later on. Check out my articles -

Home Business Recipe using Hub Pages

Choosing A Topic for your HubPage

By the way, I hope you like the new layout. The old one didn't show up properly on Firefox, and I felt like a change anyway. It was either a haircut or a new template to my blog ;)


Jack's Shack said...

The challenge is keeping it to just another 30 minutes and not 30 hours. Believe me, I know.

rina said...

Fascinating stuff... I've been a webmaster as part of my job for years - yet it never occurred to me to try and make some money on the side out of this set of skills. I think I might just try, or at least give it some thought. Thanks, Anat, for the brilliant tip!

IsrealiMom said...

You're more than welcome, Rina! And hit me up if you need any help or ideas!