Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Celebrating Shavuot

IsraeliDad says that yesterday's post was way too long... So, not too much verbiage today, and more visuals. Sharing pictures from the celebration of Shavuot in kindergarten and then our visit to Netanya today where we encountered some armed militia fighters... armed to the teeth with water guns!

Dan and some friends there, checking out the "Tene"'s. Tene means basket, I think. It means a basket that you fill with fruit and vegetable and adorn with some greenery and bring to the Shavuot celebrations. These are supposed to be the first fruit and vegetables of the season. Well, our Tenne's had mainly avocados and lemons, and I can't say they were the first of the year. However, they were indeed from out own garden (ok, ok, backyard...).

The parents were pleasantly occupied with making nice head bands/crowns from straw with flowers strewn in. Very peaceful scene, with everyone wearing white and working away.

Ron and Dan with their flower crowns.

We had a nice time singing together. The kids did all they could not to totally ruin the party and some of them got into the singing nicely (not my kids though...)

These kids, armed to the teeth with water guns, were only a few of the water warriors swarming through the streets of Netanya when we got there today. The local custom is to have water wars. Looks like things have changed dramatically from our childhood water balloons (who had balloons even, we used plain old nylon bags :p) . These kids have the latest technology with huge rifles and ammunition tanks on their backs!

In a feat of true investigating journalism, I bravely went out of the car and asked a few of them to pose for the camera. We later got sprayed nicely, but fortunately while in the car with the windows rolled up!

So much for our Shavuot. It's been fun so far and we may continue tomorrow as well. Happy Shavuot to all who celebrate.

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JodyJ said...

I noticed the wreaths the children were wearing, why is that?? I am curious about the customs you have for Shavuot?