Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Purim!

The days of Purim are upon us once more. With two boys here at home, it's most definitely Super Heroes days!

Dan's kindergarten went with a Native American theme, but at home, he was all over the Power Rangers. Ron actually wanted the very same Spiderman costume that he had last year. It still fit him, surprisingly enough!

We had another cause for celebration, with my brother and his lovely wife and two daughters arriving from England yesterday. We all met at our place today for lunch. In our crowded little house, that means hanging out outdoors, in the patio and on the lawn. It was very hot, but we opened up the inflatable pool and the kids had a blast in there. Not too many pictures from today, I'm afraid. My in-laws left the country last night, traveling to China for 3 weeks and they took the camera with them. I did manage to catch a few from my brother's camera and upload them here, and just had to share this one -

It's my youngest niece, Noah in the arms of her proud dad. Isn't she simply irresitable? I am so lucky to have four totally gorgeous nieces and I wish I had pictures of them all for this post!

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