Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Major Drill in Two Days

Had I known this was going to be such big news, I'd have posted about the drill last week... I'm sorry, but when I heard that Lebanon's army and the HA are ordered into full alert, I had to laugh. I double checked the date to make sure it's not April's Fool still. It wasn't. And on the news, I just heard Olmert trying to reassure Syria and Lebanon that Israeli is not planning a full attack and this is just a civilian drill.

Well, let me add my own reassurance. Being as my son is in the drill, I ought to know. I had to brief Ron about this, as the kindergarten teachers asked us to do so in a letter. See, the drill is for my six year old son and his friends. It's for them to practice hearing the sirens and going into the sheltered room in their kindergarten. Trust me, Ron isn't about to cross the border into any neighboring country. He's not even allowed to cross the street where we live without parental supervision, so there.

We've always had such drills too, when I was a kid. I think lots of people have been through them, all over the world, nothing too spectacular about them, really. I'm not sure how this turned into an attack on Syria or Lebanon exactly, but honestly, the very thought is just ridiculous. April's Fool Day is supposed to be just a day, not an entire month, right?

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steve said...

LOL, Annette. Being, cough, cough, older, and an American, I can recall practicing for nuclear war! Yes, I assure you that's not a joke. During the Cuban Missle Crisis, it did seem possible that the insanity would prevail. Lots of kids had dire dreams of disaster and of mushroom clouds. Our school was instructed to prepare us well. So we all practiced "duck and cover" exercises!

Well, we all knew it was patent bull.......that if we got bombed, our desks were not going to do much for us. In fact, inasmuch as it was puberty time for us, most of us considered exactly when and with whom our virginity might be dealt with, lol. Hey, when you only have a half hour from the siren sound, you need some planning!