Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring is Here!

We've planted Paulownia trees just before winter time. They shed their leaves petty quickly, and we've had to remind people that those sticks are actually trees, so please not to break them down. I wasn't even sure if they're still alive or not, but a couple of them are beginning to show the tips of new buds! And the oak trees, oh my - some of them are covered with fresh green buds - absolutely gorgeous! And yes, I will be taking some pictures ;)

I wish the people of this region will take a deep breath and take a few minutes to look around. For me, the eternal cycle of nature is a sign of our own transience as human beings, and as peoples as well. I was thinking the other day about what it means for me to be Jewish. I am not religious, even an atheist, but I belong to the Jewish people. Being Jewish is more than a religion, it's more than an ethnic group too. Above all, for me, it's a matter of belonging to a cultural group with a joint national awareness that has existed for literally thousands of years. And still, looking at nature around me, I am reminded how thousands of years aren't really that much in the overall earth timetable. Trees and insects around me have been around for much longer, and I suspect they will be for much longer after the human race is gone. Isn't it a shame that people get so busy with killing each other that they fail to see that?

A bit of a silly post today, I know. Just a flitting thought running through my mind, having just walked inside from a glorious sunny day. Wishing peace to the people of the region.

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