Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Time in Israel Pictures

It is most certainly Spring here! And IsraeliDad prepared himself with a sharp and very short crew cut. Good thing Ron was around and up for the task!

He absolutely loved cutting his dad's hair, as you can see. And don't worry, we did, ummm, fix the results a bit later.

Our backyard is all green these days. Lots of sunny days to enjoy it too and it's definitely not too hot yet. You actually do need a long-sleeve sweater most days to enjoy the outdoors. The lawn bounced back from the frostbite and Dan is enjoying it right here -

And this is what it looks like beyond the lawn. All green, the oak trees blooming and spring is all around! Not a well groomed backyard, and that is an understatement, but for myself, I like the natural look.

All over Israel, everything is in bloom and looking absolutely fabulous. We try to make the most of each sunny day and get out with the kids. Here are some pics from yesterday, when we had a nice picnic and a walk in a small forest near Megido (the Biblical Armageddon).

Ron sure was enjoying himself!

Back home... tired and happy!


sorseli said...
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Ruby Redux said...

Beautiful images :D Lovely family too. My country is not as green but it's beautiful.

Nice to stumble upon your blog, cousin :D

IsraeliMom said...

Thank you for the comments! You're more than welcome to keep visiting, Elina :)

Cakes said...

I love coming here because it gives me such a new view of your country. My ideas are so limited by my exposure and I had no idea you had such beautiful green forests! such a dumb American. LOL!

Cakes said...

Must also add, that I am soooo jealous of all the green. Everything is so brown here still. I'm in such a need for Spring this year.