Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer Hiatus

I am so out of touch with current events in the region, or in the world, and enjoying it so far! Just a quick update on our lives here. Let's see, it's hot but air conditioning works just fine, all over our home and in the car too, so it's tolerable. I am taking time off the swimming pool due to an ear infection and a slight cold too. I skipped my exercise twice this week because of that, but overall I think I did pretty well, considering I am not too well.

Oh, it's my birthday today! I guess that's newsworthy enough :D We're not doing anything special for it though. We had a great time today, visiting the local Hari Krishna folks in their kindergarten. They had an open day and invited us over. We spent a while doing crafts and Ron and me made this cute miniature raft with a little man made of clay sitting there and sailing away. Everyone was really impressed with it, until they found out it was done by a 35 years old and not a 5 years old :D

By the way, I am only 35 in earth years. I have decided to switch to Martian years from now on. A year on Mars has 686 days in it. Which I think makes me about 17 years old. Being a Martian has the added benefit of reducing my weight to a third of what it is here on earth. In other words, I am really an anorexic. I just have issues with the local G force on this blue planet here ;)

Gotta run now, time to feed the little earthlings here!


twilite said...

Happy birthday grand young dame!!! Or a martian teenager! A nice way to celebrate your b-day written with a touch of humor. May your wishes come true!

rina said...

Happy birthday (oh, and you're so appalingly young, even in Earth years!!!)

Lirun said...

dude.. summer is over.. put the fingers to the keyboard :)