Saturday, June 30, 2007

Long Days of Summer

Putting politics aside for a while. It's almost too hot to think this week. We try to stay indoors (where it's air conditioned) but life requires us to leave the house every now and again, sigh.

Actually, IsraeliDad and myself stick to our workout routine quite well, I think! It's alternating between gym practice and the swimming pool still! We also take the kids to the pool as often as possible (2-3 times a week), so there's some added swimming practice for us there as well.

Sun, sea and fun. Enjoy summertime everyone!


Anonymous said...

The following blogger in his list of the top 8 lies as number 2 that Hitler was evil. Mind you he isn't a White NeoNazi but some guy from India.

Jad Aoun said...

Enjoy summertime everyone

Not here in the UAE! Temperatures are soaring, humidity is at sticky and swimming in the sea is like relaxing in a warm bath. The worst feeling ever!

What I wouldn't give to be on the Eastern Med right about now.