Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Pictures! This time from the Carmel Mt. and Golan Heights

These pictures aren't fresh out of the oven, but I thought they were still worth sharing. The first set is of pictures taken last week, during a rainy day we had here. We traveled with our guest, Doris, to shop for souvenirs in the Druze village on the Carmel Mountain, Dalyat El Carmel. We also went up to the Carmelite Monastery there, where we encountered a magnificent full rainbow all over the valley!

Not easy to take good pictures of a rainbow! Trust me, it was very impressive.

We were standing on the roof of the Monastery, which is a great observation point, from which you can see all the way to Nazareth, Haifa and more, if the visibility is good. It was a rainy day though, but as you can see, Dan was making the most of it!

I thought this stature of Elijah the prophet looked quite impressive standing motionless in the wind -

A few days later, the weather cleared and we headed north on a sunny Saturday morning to visit the family (IsraeliDad's brother and his family) in the Golan Heights. For some reason, non-Israelis seem to have this image of the Golan Heights as a war zone. While it most certainly was a war zone in the past (well, during the wars, basically), it's actually probably one of the safest areas to tour in Israel. I couldn't resist taking a snapshot of the "Beware of the Mines" sign though :) Nothing to worry about, they're well fenced and aren't all over the place.

This is what the houses in the Kibbutz where our family lives look like. Charming and very peaceful -

A kibbutz is always a great place for kids to hang around. While we were having lunch at the communal dining room, Ron and Dan were just having fun checking the local insects or something.

The good thing about these trips this time of the year as that as soon as we hit the road going back home, the two rascals fall asleep in the car:

And before we part... a major event here this week - Ron lost his firth baby tooth! Congratulations, Sweetie, you're growing up!

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Cakes said...

What great pictures! We lost a tooth recently, too. I took it pretty hard! LOL!