Thursday, April 26, 2007

Recovering from a mild cold...

Too much talking politics probably, I came down with a cold yesterday. I'm better today, but not a lot to post on really. Khaled left yesterday morning, on his way to Jerusalem and then the West Bank. I feel a bit OD'ed on politics atm, so no long post here today. Don't get me wrong, it's a fascinating visit so far, and we're enjoying every minute. We've tried to get quite a few of our family members/friends to meet Khaled and the one word they keep coming up with after meeting him is "fascinating". It's good, I guess. Good for us to see things from a totally different perspective. We don't argue a lot over facts (well, ok, a little), but it's interesting to see how two different narratives have evolved around the same facts. Each side chooses to emphasize some aspects and ignore others.

The bottom line for me so far? (or is it too Israeli to be looking for a bottom line? ;)) Well, Khaled and ourselves, despite our different opinions on some things, could easily reach peace in the Middle East. A warm kind of peace too, with friendships forming across borders. We could live in a confederation even. Unfortunately, I still think that Khaled is in the minority in the Arab world. Here in Israel, people like here may not be in the majority either (about 50/50 at this point, I think). It is encouraging for us to see that likeminded people do exist in the countries around us. Would we be enough to reach not only peace, but a viable Middle East, liberal, advanced, progressive, where human and civil rights are adhered to? Will the Middle East be the next European Union? or did this visit make us delusional?

Anyway, read on on Khaled's blog. I know I do!


jamal said...

peace is close, but governments and leaders keep it far away.

IsrealiMom said...

Well, it's up to us humble folks to try and bring it closer by trying to understand one another's perspectives and thoughts. Khaled's latest visit was fascinating for us, and I know he has touched many. I think if we all try to remember that "the other side" is not cruel or deliberately trying to harm us, it would be a huge huge step forward. I'll post more about it in a minute, so check my latest post on the topic :) Thank you for the comment, and I hope we will be able to communicate more (as uneasy as your blog made me feel...)